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Origin: Chile, Peru
Types: Grape, Sundried, Teardrops, Vine-Ripened
Florida European offers this red superfood at the peak of freshness. Tomatoes contain lycopenes- an antioxidant more potent than vitamin C which stimulates immune function and may slow degenerative diseases.
Display tomatoes no more than one layer deep and place stem-end up to avoid bruising. Bruising can also be avoided by displaying tomatoes on a grass or rubber mat. Avoid dumping tomatoes on the display, as consumers buy tomatoes based on appearance and firmness. Flavor and shelf life determines repeat sales.

Packing tomatoes in several carton sizes can save time weighing them at the checkout line. Also display tomatoes in bulk.

Sold by types rather than varieties, tomatoes are field, stake or pole grown and are described as mature-green, vine-ripe, plum or Roma, cherry, grape, greenhouse and hydroponic. Tomatoes are available year-round with peak supplies May to July.


  • California
  • Florida
  • North Carolina


  • 25-lb. cartons, loose
  • 20-lb. flats/cartons
  • 3-layer lugs
  • 2-layer lugs

Storage & Handling:

  • Temperature: mature-green or pink, 62 to 68 F, 16.7 to 20.16 C
  • Relative humidity: 85 to 88 percent
  • Mist: no