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If you are looking for quite possibly the world’s most healthy fruit, you have found it in the papaya. This fruit contains enzymes which combat everything from auto-immune diseases to allergies.

Educate consumers about different types of papaya. Hawaiian kapoho, sunrise and waimanalo are three common varieties of papayas. The yellow-orange-fleshed sunrise is the most exported papaya variety in the world.

Florida European sells the sunrise variety. The papaya ripens gradually and as it ripens, its hue changes. To pick the best papaya look for an even mixture of yellow and green that yields slightly to the touch.


  • Hawaii
  • Costa-Rica
  • Brazil
  • Jamaica


  • 22-lb. cartons
  • 10-lb. cartons
  • Counts range from 6 to 14

Storage & Handling:

  • Temperature: 50 to 55 F, 10 to 12.8 C
  • Relative humidity: more than 80 percent
  • Mist: now